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Immanuel Jarvis and Valarie Jarvis, RN are entrepreneurs in every sense of the word. Their passion for cultivating, harvesting, and preparing wholesome foods led them to share their knowledge across the socio-economic spectrum and instill an appreciation of nature, self-sustainability, high-yield eating for the young and old in the Raleigh-Durham area.  Coupled with their business acumen and passion for good nutrition, they founded Jireh Farm Foundation in Durham, NC to be an outpost for animal husbandry, homesteading, and educating the public about natural foods.

 Immanuel Jarvis, a former sales manager, webmaster, and social media developer uses his skills to organically promote the business with online content development, referral programs, customer retention efforts and strategic product branding.  These efforts have resulted in year over year sales growth, value-added options, and a 5-star rating on  Valarie Jarvis, a third generation tobacco farmer, RN and corporate nurse consultant uses her experience to sustain animal health and implement medicinal herb development. Her expertise guides the use of homeopathic solutions for livestock care and land utilization practices to maximize soil conservation. Valarie is also training to be a registered herbalist to supplement her holistic knowledge.   

Under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs.  Jarvis, the farm has recorded over 1,900 whole chickens raised, hand-processed, and sold on its relatively small farm over the last four years.  USDA pork offerings have expanded to Angus beef and goat sales. Their personalized customer service attracts and retains those in the community looking for local proteins  The family has learned animal husbandry skills by becoming students of agriculture.  From homesteader conferences, collaboration with other farmers, and graduating from NC Farm School, (JFF) continues to grow and offer more food for the community.

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