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A Black, Family-Owned Business

Restoring the love and appreciation that whole, natural foods bring while inspiring others to do the same.

Free Range Poultry Farm
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The Jarvis' observed that agriculture still had a sting of prejudice and hints of disdain among African American communities, even after 160 years of the abolition of slavery.  They felt the need to revive the heritage and legacy of black farming in America as it should be, familial food sustainability and land ownership.  With their efforts of teaching, inspiring, and offering real-life experiences to young people, Jireh Farm Foundation is restoring the appreciation of animal husbandry, gardening, and land sustainability for generations to come.

Jireh Family Farm, LLC is a small, family farm located in Durham, NC established by Valarie Jarvis in 2017.  Since then, the farm expanded the numbers of livestock to include pasture-raised pigs, rabbits, goats, beef, and meat chicken along with breeding livestock guardian dogs.  Today, Jireh Family Farm offers pork, chicken, and beef cuts, such as spicy breakfast sausage, pork baby back ribs, split chicken breasts, and rib eye steaks directly to the public. 


In 2019, the farm launched Jireh Farm Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization which transformed the farm into an agricultural community center.  By expanding into summer camps, offering adult herbal classes,

farm experiences, and farm-to-table dinners, stakeholders now call (JFF) a destination for Agritourism.  The homesteaders have a passion for welcoming those interested in purchasing all-natural meats and creates an environment that inspires others towards self-sustainability.  Securing funds for this project would be an enhancement of an already successful, black-owned, woman-led, small-scale, agricultural center.

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